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We help companies produce exceptional publications without the hassles of trying to do it in-house or working with general agencies who lack publication expertise.

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Charlotte Foster Westminster School

"I have been working with The Publication Experts for a couple of years, and I recommend them without hesitation. They have been putting together a high-quality magazine and managing the entire production process as well as the distribution. They are meticulous, creative, and extremely helpful in every possible way, ensuring that the final product is perfect. If you are looking for folks to make your life easier, and a team that does it with patience, kindness, and a sense of humor – work with The Publication Experts and you will not be disappointed."

Melissa Fox Mercy

"Writing, designing and producing our company publication used to be a time-consuming chore. Since outsourcing it to The Publication Experts, the whole process is easy and hassle-free. Each month, we can expect a high-quality newsletter that – most importantly – is always distributed on-schedule. We could not be more thrilled with the friendly professionals at The Publication Experts and look forward to working with them for many years to come."

Nancy C. Quinones Waste Management

"We couldn’t be more thrilled with our employee newsletter! The Publication Experts makes this whole process easy and hassle-free. They take care of everything, from designing a beautiful publication that matches our “look and feel,” to copyediting our text, to overseeing all print production—they even take care of mailing the newsletter for us! Their ability to work within extremely tight deadlines, be consistently on budget, and provide strategic counsel has greatly exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend The Publication Experts for anyone desiring top-quality work."

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Imagine your exceptional publication regularly completed and distributed without draining your valuable time and resources.

Imagine being able to focus on your "real job" knowing that experts are doing all the heavy lifting to ensure your publication looks fantastic and stays on schedule.

Imagine the freedom of handing off your publication to specialists with over 20 years of experience with newsletters, magazines and annual reports.

Working with us is EASY.

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4 Simple Tips to Designing an Annual Report that Informs and Inspires

A well-designed annual report should effectively showcase the accomplishments of your organization, how it is successfully realizing its mission and communicate its financials concisely and visually. It may sound easy but based on the plethora of staid, boring annual reports out there it can be tricky to pull off.

The key is choosing the right information and conveying it in a manner that appeals to the reader. Here are four tips for designing annual reports that inform and inspire.

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5 Tips for an Engaging Alumni Magazine

A well-designed alumni magazine is one of the very best ways to foster engagement with your alumni. The key to creating a publication that recipients actually look forward to reading is to give them what they want. Here are five tips for designing an alumni magazine that will be well-read rather than tossed in the recycle bin.

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How Employee Publications Use Recognition to Inspire and Motivate

In an article entitled, “Is Your Employee Newsletter Doing Its Job?” the author relays the story of an employee who experienced the most rewarding moment in his 30-year career. What was this momentous moment? It was simply being featured in the employee newsletter. His children were so excited about seeing their father in “the paper” that he might as well have been on the cover of “Time” magazine. The worker reported that he had never felt more important to the company and motivated in his work.

The author goes on to write about how vital internal communication is to employees, highlighted by the fact that when there is any kind of mention in the employee newsletter, they are practically sprinting down the hall to get it.

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