How Employee Publications Use Recognition to Inspire and Motivate

In an article entitled, “Is Your Employee Newsletter Doing Its Job?” the author relays the story of an employee who experienced the most rewarding moment in his 30-year career. What was this momentous moment? It was simply being featured in the employee newsletter. His children were so excited about seeing their father in “the paper” that he might as well have been on the cover of “Time” magazine. The worker reported that he had never felt more important to the company and motivated in his work.

The author goes on to write about how vital internal communication is to employees, highlighted by the fact that when there is any kind of mention in the employee newsletter, they are practically sprinting down the hall to get it.

The Incredible Power of Recognition

That’s the power of a properly executed employee newsletter or magazine. Beyond meeting general communications objectives, employee newsletters can provide something dramatically more potent when it comes to increasing employee engagement and motivation. In a word: RECOGNITION.

Highlighting the accomplishments of employees can have an enormous impact on the person or persons being recognized because it makes them feel valued. And an employee who feels more valued is also going to be more engaged and motivated. What company wouldn’t want more engaged and motivated employees?

Are You Maximizing Your Employee Newsletter?

The best part is that recognizing employees is ridiculously easy to do. Simply use stories that focus on employees doing the right thing. Whether it’s a photo with a caption or an in-depth article, the rewards can be incredible; the return on the investment of recognition will significantly exceed the time and effort spent.

So, the question is, “Are you maximizing the value of your employee newsletter or magazine to recognize (and thereby inspire and motivate) your workforce?”

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