5 Publication Design Tips for Improved Readability

Professional publication design is all about communicating effectively. While you certainly want your magazine, newsletter or annual report to look great, the real goal is to inform and educate your reader. The key to doing that is to design your publication for easy readability. Here are five simple tips to do just that. Balance Text […]

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Employee Newsletters Offer Massive ROI as the Cornerstone of Internal Communications

Effective, regular internal communications with employees can have a significant impact on boosting profits and driving your company’s success. And when it comes to the communication tools, nothing beats the employee newsletter. That’s right, the terribly unsexy employee newsletter. In a rapidly changing world of intranets, Twitter, blogs, wikis, internal social networks, podcasts and online […]

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How Employee Publications Use Recognition to Inspire and Motivate

In an article entitled, “Is Your Employee Newsletter Doing Its Job?” the author relays the story of an employee who experienced the most rewarding moment in his 30-year career. What was this momentous moment? It was simply being featured in the employee newsletter. His children were so excited about seeing their father in “the paper” that he might as well have been on the cover of “Time” magazine. The worker reported that he had never felt more important to the company and motivated in his work.

The author goes on to write about how vital internal communication is to employees, highlighted by the fact that when there is any kind of mention in the employee newsletter, they are practically sprinting down the hall to get it.

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